Monday, 29 June 2015

MRI scan 23 July , so caste on til 6 August, plus benifit games

Monday 22 June

I called MRI dept to ask if an appointment had been booked. Yes , 23 July.
I couldn't see why I was having MRI scan so long after the break; done on 9 June.
I was instructed to contact the fracture clinic once I had an appointment date, to book to see the DR.

I tried calling, but they are far too busy, tried various ways to access the booking system but none lead to the fracture clinic system.

Tuesday 23 June

I decided it would be wiser to go by bus and speak in person to the receptionists at the clinic as the date would leave me in a caste too long on my right wrist and my left was still in a soft splint and in need of a caste.

As I was about to leave my home, to catch a bus my friend whom is an OT called to see how I was regarding my first break. I informed her of my second break and what was occurring.

She told me how it was common to use one soft splint when both wrists are broken, especially when the person lived alone. I told her though that the Dr had asked how I would cope with both in plaster and I had told him i would manage somehow and so wanted both, in order to heal quick.

She told me the MRI scan would be done as a way of seeing my bone density and also to see what is going on with my wrist.

she told me people get stiff joints after break because the circulation is not good in the extremities and I should place it in cold and hot water, to help pump my circulation, in order to bring down swelling.  I did this and found it very helpful.
That is to place the swollen area in cold water for 30 sec, then hot for 30 secs, and repeat 7 times in all. eg 3 and half minutes total.

At the fracture clinic I informed to receptionist of the situation, she told me she would make a note of it for the Dr who was due in for clinic on Thursday. I said he wanted an appointment booked after MRI so she gave me one for 6 August. I expressed how that didn't sound correct as my wrist was broken 28 May, plus my left wrist was not going to be in plaster until then and needs to be.
She said she would make note of this.

Friday 26 June

I received 3 letters from the benefit agency.
1 saying my sick cert was only for a week, but it wasn't.
I noted the second was the form I had answered questions on the phone to when I addressed my claim, the previous Thursday 18 June, which was to start from the Monday 15 June.
In this I could see the worker had filled out stating it was until 22 June, not 22 July.

I called the office and discussed this matter with another worker and was told not to worry as that was normal; to give one weeks grace, therefore they had , and hadn't received the cert yet.

I then addressed the third letter I had received, stating I may get my benefits stopped as I had failed to attend the assessment for work on Monday, 22 June.

This I knew nothing of, plus it is not actually possible for them to have pre booked it, as I called only on the Thursday, so how was I supposed to have received notification of appointment prior to the following Monday, but it stated that I had until today Monday 29 June to explain my absence.
Which I add they required to be done by post as no number was on the letter/form I received.
I addressed it therefore with the worker I was discussing the other aspects of my claim with and she made note of it in my file.

here is the form.
 Plus as shown on the envelope it came in, it wasn't even posted until  Thursday 25 June, the day prior.

Also on Friday the Dr's secretary  called me as I had left a message on her voicemail on the Monday. she said they most likely would have informed the Dr on Thursday, if not come back to her.

Today is the following Monday and no post regarding it has arrived, therefore I most likely will be returning to the clinic tomorrow to ask what his response was.

Meanwhile the constant use of my legs without using my arms to get up has taken a toll on my back which is feeling weak, plus for some reason my legs are swelling around my ankles, calfs and knees,,,and this is causing stiffness and pain. Although I have purchased a large plastic box to fill outside with hot water and also have another filled with cold water and I am using to help reduce the swelling in the same way as I was instructed to do for my wrist.

My right wrist is feeling stronger and only hurts if I carry things too long now, and my left hurts still at certain angles and bearing weight, but otherwise the pain is much reduced.

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