Monday, 6 July 2015

Caste off right wrist

Following on from last Monday the 29 June 2015.....

Tuesday 30 June 

I called the fracture clinic but each time it was answered the phone went dead, so I decided it would be a good idea to go to the fracture clinic by bus again.

I arrived and asked the receptionist what the Dr had said, she said she had told him but couldn't remember what he had said.

As I had approached the desk the woman whom had plastered my wrist was there and recognised me. She said I only put that caste on 2 weeks ago surely it's not coming off already.
I said no but I wasn't booked in to clinic until August and wasn't prepared to wait until then to have removed so was trying to sort out an earlier appointment or I would remove it myself.
She agreed that is was too long for the plaster to stay on.
Then the senior arrived, she asked what was the problem. I explained about my left wrist needing a MRI scan and maybe a plaster, but due to the long wait for the scan i was not due to see Dr until August. She agreed that was far to long to have right wrist imobalised for plus she recognised the need for my left wrist to be xrayed; as the first xray did not show a fracture but this was quite normal.
She took my details and said she would speak to the Dr the next day and he may arrange for me to come into Thursdays clinic.

She did this and called to say come in Thursday to have plaster removed and have both wrists xrayed.

Thursday 2 July

The xrays were done, and I went to see the Dr, he said I no longer needed the caste as the fracture had healed (5 weeks). It hurt when I leaned it certain ways but he said it was not the bone but the muscles and tendons and to just start using it.
He said he wasn't going to plaster the left wrist as it still isn't showing any fracture which is why he has asked for the MRI scan. He will see me after I have had it done as arranged.

I continued to used the cold and hot water on my legs and also on both wrists. It has helped loads to reduce the swelling in my legs.

My right wrist has improved further since last Thursday but is still weak and painful at some angles.

I found a video on line to copy the exercises,
which most I do fine.

I use both hands, but keep the splint on the left wrist.

Meanwhile on the same day 2 July
I received 3 letters regarding my benefits.

1, Stating that the ESA had not received the sick cert i had sent.

2, Housing benefits informing they had yet again suspended my claim; which was following my delayed rent payment of 3 months that day. the suspension was due to ESA informing them that I was receiving their benefit.

3, ESA informed me that I was not entitled to ESA as I had more than the minimum income coming in.

So today I called Housing and they said I need to send proof of that decision to get the suspension lifted.

Also today  Monday 6 July  I received an appointment to see the Neurologist in August, therefore my GP's request for an earlier appointment had been productive, so hopefully the results from the tests done will bring me a diagnosis.

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