Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The MRI scan shows left wrist was fractured too

Following on from my last blog post on the 6 July I awaited my MRI scan which I had on the
23 July to see what was occurring, the results of which I received at my appointment at the fracture clinic last week on the 6 August. The consultant showed me that yes the wrist had a fracture.

He asked me to return in one months time to have Xrays done again on it and to see him after. He also asked that I saw the physiotherapist that day.

The physiotherapist gave me a range of exercises to do, and asked I returned in one week, which I attended the appointment with today 12 August. She is pleased with my progress and gave me extra exercises to do and asked I return again next week.

I also went to my appointment with my Neurologist last week 7 August. He examined the strength of my wrists and suggested I got balls to squeeze to help strengthen them.

He had the results of my SFEMG tests and they are normal.

My blood tests showed high cholesterol which he said he would write to request my GP tests.

I told him how I had recently changed my whole diet and removed all dairy from it and very low fat, so that should change the results.

I also told him how I had been swimming and that was really helping to reduce the swelling in my legs, I used a float whilst wearing my splint and could swim somewhat. He said this was good as it was safe.
He told me how using both arms and legs would help build nerve pathways in my brain that could help my coordination.
I told him how I now was wearing boots to make me aware of where my feet are. He said this was good also and added that I should get some hiking sticks as moving my arms as I walk would also help. I have ordered some on line and await their arrival.

The boots make my ankles ache but I hope in time they will strengthen them.
Today as I walked I noted I could feel my feet in the boots but my visual/spacial perception is out, I explored further as I awaited at the bus stop and noted my right eye sees things at normal range, but my left sees things closer range than they are. I had noticed yesterday as I walked how the ground seemed so close to me, and thing appeared somewhat flat, like 2 dimensional. I further come to see that when I was sitting down this was not the case, it only occurred as I stood or walked.

My wrists are improving I am able to drive again, ( automatic) and type so I have returned to my work.
The right wrist is nearly normal and the left is stiff to bend in downwards and upwards position and weak but stronger than it was. All swelling is virtually gone. only the little finger on left hand and the one next to it have limited range in bending. So I believe they will return to normal if I continue exercising.

My next Neuro appointment is not for another 6 months so for now it's down to me, I haven't had a test for a long time for my Thyroid so I suppose I should arrange one soon. My tiredness fluctuates and also the energy I have each day. My jolting is quite a lot throughout the day but more so when tired. the vibrations I feel are simular occuring mainly in evening, but yes i can feel them as I type now and it is only 3.20pm. The neurologist said it was nerves that were causing, which I told him I am taking vitamin B for and also some Chinese tonic.

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