Thursday, 3 September 2015

Discharged from fracture clinic,,,,health update

Today 3 August I attended the fracture clinic and had another xray taken on my left wrist.
All is well now,,,I nearly have full range of movement in both wrists, no pain.
The consultant said it was the Dorsal Radius that was fractured.

I asked him about my bone density but he informed me it doesnt show up in MRI as bone density reduces also when strapped they couldn't use, so he is writing to my GP requesting an appropriate scan.

I also spoke with a GP at my surgery yesterday where I requested a blood test for my thyroid function as I haven't had one since last year, and recently I have become extremely tired, and also after activity I take days to recover, this past weekend my bones ached much all over my body, they now are feeling better, but my balance was bad a few days back, where i needed to use my hiking sticks to walk as I felt very unstable and as though I would fall,,,,which yes I did fall at the weekend, but onto grass and was unharmed. My right ankle gave way buckling underneath me, today it feels weak and I felt somewhat unstable but stamped my feet as I walked to try to feel them on the ground.

I am yet to go have my blood taken for the test, and am now looking to do next week.

I changed my diet so am losing weight, no longer drinking cows milk, I replaced with Rice milk and Coconut milk, which has added calcium, which today I also discussed with the consultant who said to consume calcium and omega 3 to help strengthen my bones.

If my blood tests show anything other than normal I will update on this blog.

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