Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The eye specialist agrees problem is most likely Neurological

I wrote to my GP back in October requesting a bone density test due to my easy breaks I had had. I hand delivered the letter to the surgeries mailbox.

No appointment ever came

Last week I spoke on my phone with a friend who is an advisor on disabilities. She said my symptoms sound like classic MS and to change my GP and ask for second opinion, which I'm entitled too. She told me that when I attend my eye appointment this week to tell them this.
I told her how the consultant I see don't seem to listen and when I showed him my MRI scan of my eyes going in different directions he said they looked normal.

I registered with new GP the next day and this week, yesterday 
Went to Hospital appointment with eye specialist.

I was seen by a new Dr, she had my notes and as soon as I arrived she wanted to discuss things in terms of my neurological reports she was reading.
She said they say he was sending me for blood tests and scans at another hospital.

I informed her I had a test where something was attached near my eye to measure muscle timing in twitches; It showed to be normal.

I added my brain scan showed too much white scars and he wasn't sure if I was MS or high Cholestral or high blood pressure. My blood test showed cholesterol higher than normal and I had informed him I changed my diet since. He said he would ask my GP to test regularly.

I told her I had just changed my GP as yes the last ones didn't seem to care and when I asked for thyroid test; that hadn't  been done since last year, they asked why and I told them because I was tired. But they didn't add in test for cholesterol. The results for my thyroid came back normal.

I added I had spoken to a friend last week who advises disabled people, she said to change Dr and that I can ask for a second opinion. I see the neurologist may not want to make a diagnosis but I need one.
I explained without one I was unable to receive appropriate housing and that I live in a tiny room and have to climb to get things from boxes piled high. I told her I break easy and have poor co ordination and balance. The housing services need diagnosis to help me.
This Dr took notes. She said It wouldn't be he don't want to make a diagnosis but that he can't.

I said I was due to go to new GP for check, procedure and was thinking to ask that they requested a diagnosis from the Neurologist, then maybe something would be decided.

She examined my eyes and said the optic nerve was ok. She added she didn't think it was Thyroid eye disease, as I didn't have enough symptoms, and I agreed telling her how previously in 2009 when I had my eyes hurt and protruded and my lids were red and puffy, but this time I only had double vision and one of her colleges had said initially it was the muscle in my left eye being too tight.
She agreed and said she would send me for tests of my eye movement. I await the appointment. She believes it is Neurologically caused.

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