Sunday, 21 June 2015

Both wrists fractured awaiting MRI scan for left one

Tuesday 9 June

The next day after writing my last blog entry,on the 9th June I fell again; just walking along pavement with a friend. I tried to save my right wrist and landed on my right elbow, but my left hand landed with my palm, and this time my right knee took some of the fall.
My friend had to lift me up and both arms hurt.

I returned home but my left wrist felt broken so I took a taxi to a London A&E.
The nurse I think a senior, examined my wrist quickly and sent me for xray of both wrists as my right wrist was due to be xrayed again.

After a long wait I was seen by the same nurse. He told me neither wrist showed any fracture in xray.
I knowing from experience, told him I believed both were fractured, as the left one was more painful than the right had been.

he explained that the reason they xrayed again right wrist was because sometimes fractures to wrists dont show up straight away but do after 10-14 days; but it is not showing, but due to pain he put soft splint back on along with soft splint on left wrist.

I phoned the Occupational Therapist who is dealing with my case, and left a message on the Monday, and again on the Wednesday too say both my wrists are broken. I still have not heard from her.

I struggle to get dressed etc, lifting even a cup was painful, so I decided by the Sunday I would call my GP the following day to request a sick cert.

Monday 15 June

I called the surgery early and asked that a GP wrote  my sick cert and was told they would call me in the afternoon.

Then I went to Hospital that afternoon to my appointment with the eye specialist.
Last time he told me the tests did not show my eyes were seeing double vision, to which I informed him yes they do though at close range. So this time I decided to bring the image from my MRI scan I posted here previously that clearly shows my eyes are facing different directions. He looked at and said they look normal.
He examined the back of my eyes and said they are stable.
I still have double vision at close range.
he said come back in 6 months for check up.

I whilst at the hospital also went to Neuro dept to see see if I could arrange an earlier appointment to see my Neurologist, as I recently had SFEMG tests and now tripping over and breaking. Previously he had told me to do this as the appointments are so far away and I wouldn't be seen as priority.
They said my appointment is for October and now no new ones until next year. They told me they couldn't do anything about it but if my GP requested I was seen sooner they could bring forwards, so told me to ask GP to request.

I returned home and the phone rang, it was a GP.
He asked what work do I do, I said I'm a writer.
He replied that I can get some program that I can speak to and it would type.

I informed him that yes I can type on touch screen and will try to do some but it takes me half the day to get dressed so I am not able to do work as not much time left in day.
he agreed to write it , asked when to date from I said today would be fine.

I also informed him about how the Neurology dept had said for him to make request for me to speed things up. He said he would fax them the request.

Tuesday my back felt very weak from needing to continuously get up from sitting without holding anything. I also was feeling very tired.

Wednesday I collected the sick cert, it was given up to 22 July.

Thursday  18 June

I attended the fracture clinic.
The Dr straight away asked why was my right wrist in a soft splint.
I told him that in Cornwall they had said the fracture don't always show up but they put in splint anyhow.
he said but the xray you had last week shows it is fractured!!!!!

I told him how the nurse had said it didn't show any fracture but yes I knew it was for I know the feeling of.

He asked to see my other wrist which I showed him, it is still bruised (this is a photo I took of it a few days prior).

He said I needed to castes but was concerned with how I would manage.
He said he could do surgery on left so I wouldn't need 2 plastered, but i said No don't do surgery unless you have to. I have managed with 2 soft splints and a caste is not much different and still if he did surgery I will need something.

He said to get right wrist plastered and left wrist to have MRI scan.

I gave the form he wrote to nurse whom informed me the MRI dept would contact me with a appointment and that once I had one to contact them and they would book me back into the fracture clinic.

I also had the right wrist plastered.

I came home and made calls to all the relevant agencies re my benefit claims.

I am still awaiting my housing benefit to be paid, they said it will be paid on the 29 June, thats 3 months over due. The guy i spoke with said 'This is not normal practice, usually if they work out after payment date they pay what is owed ;say 2 weeks and then pay the rest later'. He said he would put in a request for it to be paid sooner.

All these things left me exhausted so on Friday I was not able to do much at all.
My body was shaking and jolting and vibrating inside.

Today Sunday 21 June

I still am awaiting contact re my MRI scan.
Left wrist still is quite painful if I try to lift anything or turn it in certain directions, the right wrist feels more comfortable in the caste, although a bit sore where it rubs at wrist because I am having to use it. I can lift light things but only from above angle.

Managed to buy some plastic sock things to put on my arms whilst I shower which I used today and was fine but can't hold things too well with, but nice to have shower.

Legs are a lot better, but tired.
Also I am sleeping loads.

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