Monday, 8 June 2015

Had tests, awaiting response, meanwhile fractured my wrist after tripping on kerb

Time for an update I feel.

I have been delaying as I have had tests but was waiting  for results but meanwhile fell and fractured my wrist so will update now.

 Following on from my last post I went for SFEMG tests

The Dr who carried out the tests said she could not see any noticeable signs of anything wrong, but would need to examine the results closely and then send results to my Neurologist.

Meanwhile I had been attending weekly appointments for deep muscle massage and it has been very helpful.

At first the lumber area of my back was very stiff and locked; had been so for what seemed like years, but once released didn't lock back again. This is brilliant and surprising. There was also a knotted muscle in my left shoulder blade which was unknotted.

Next the muscles in my left shoulder was very tight but the masseuse said that the problem was not really the shoulder but coming from the neck/base of skull so did much work on massaging my head.

My legs need much more work, the muscle at the back of my thigh was so locked and tight the masseuse chose to use some machine on it to unlock the muscle, as it required so much pressure. It did unlock but it didn't remain so after time, but locked back again, but not back to as bad as it was originally.
Also muscles were knotted in my calf's which she unlocked. 

The following week she worked on my arms where the tricep was knotted where it joins to my elbow, plus on my forarm at front knots were found to on both arms these knots occur. The the unknotting is very painful , but once done they no longer felt so tight.
prior to the massage of my arms I would find my hands clenched and muscles held very tight, but since them being first released I tried to refrain from holding them tight, and they have not been as bad.

Each week she alternates massaging either the top of me of the lower area. Each time my legs or arms were locked but less so, and after 6 sessions the leg muscles origianally locked were more relaxed, although then the front of my thigh muscles had knots forming, But the massage was being very effective.

My ankles remained weak and ached but not due to knots. She said my feet were too loose and were not straight.

My knees also remained weak.

So the massage is very helpful.

I started swimming and this really helped the swelling around my knees and was loosening them up.
I also helped to stretch out the muscles in my arms.

Then all now has had to stop, for I tripped on a kerb; something I often do, due to some lack of spacial awareness of my feet. I put my hands out to save myself , and landed with my palms on the ground and my left knee/shin it the floor too; and it is my left leg that is the weakest with the most swelling normally.
I felt the pain in my knee and right arm after and due to numerous breaks and fractures I recognised the feelings as that of a fracture, but was miles from a hosiptal so strapped my wrist and arm with some horse bandage and decided to see how it was the next day.

The following day it hurt the same as a fracture would. I needed to know what treatment it needed so I asked to be driven to the nearest hospital, I was far away from where I live in London, I was in Cornwall.

The Hospital examined my wrist and concluded it could be a fracture, they sent me for x rays, but said where the fracture is in my wrist may not show up in xray, so would put in splint anyway. It didn't show but was splinted. I was told to come back in 2 weeks and that I would not be able to drive with it or one arm.
 After a few days I asked that someone drove me and my car back to London as I was very limited there, not being able to drive or walk as my knee was very stiff and swollen after the fall.

I am having difficulty in London getting an appointment into the fracture clinic as such short notice, but have just discussed ways around the obsticle's  with a receptionist so all should run fine.

Obviously my swimming has had to stop and my massage too as I am unable to drive currently but once I get the all clear I will return to these things.

Since my fall my leg has gradually improved and I have massage with my left hand and used hot and cold compression on the swelling.

I am due next week to see my eye specialist re my double vision, which is a on going assessment check up.
I have recently obtained new glasses so all is best it can be. My double vision varies each day and is dependant on the distance I am viewing at as to how much it causes a problem; mainly being close range like reading is where it occurs most.

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