Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Neurologist views in my recent MRI scans

Time for an up date,,,,,I recently was assessed for disability and was granted benifits to help with my daily living.

I also was able to access my medical files at my GP surgery,
The information I gleened I will address at another point, but for now I want to cover my appointment I had with my Neurologist yesterday.

He showed my that on my scan I had white patches
He said they do occur but I have more than what is considered normal for my age.
He said it could be MS, but if so then there isnt that much as is usually seen. It could also be some other illness I don't recall what he called it,but said it would be due to too much cholestral...or high blood  pressure. I informed him that I have always been told my blood pressure is low, good.

I told him of how my arms hurt, where the muscles join the bone joints, and had done for a few days. he asked me to lift my elbow but after several times I was weak, then he tested my resistance and he noted I have muscle weakness.
He therefore needs to do more tests ,,,he sent me for blood tests on several things, plus is arranging for me to have tests done on my nerve electro-conductivity.but the facilities for are at another hospital so needs referral.

Today I recognising that I hold much tension in my body bought some Chinese herbs,

Ginseng Feng Wang Jiang
to strengthen me, as it works as a tonic.

Xiau Yau Wang
to calm me down

Zhibai Dihuangwan
to reduce the heat inside me

I have also booked myself an appointment for deep muscle tissue massage

I feel now understanding of my health is forth coming .

I have started a new blog entitled

My Psychological journey as a Tavistock puppet

click to read , I will add to as I find time and energy

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