Friday, 3 October 2014

My back collapsed on 25 september but I'm up again

3 October
Well it seems I have weekly updates to give, so I better get this one done before next week arrives.
Following on from last weeks report here on the 23 September which was Tuesday, I stood up to go shopping on Thursday and a muscle in the lower part of my spine went loose and i was not longer able to stand up, my back had collapsed.
I am familiar with this happening and know just lay still and don't fret or all the muscles will lock and cause pain.

I posted on Facebook what had happened and a friend said she would come over and another would come to collect me the following day and take me back to the sea, where I have bed and support.
When my back collapses I am not able to walk , stand or sit,,I use a zima frame to move but it is extremely hard for when I lift it off the ground I am not able to support my body, all my strength is in my upper body and arms so very tiring.

I called my GP surgery to report it and see what they could do, they said call back in the morning.
Through the night I come to realise it would not be a good idea for me to go to the sea and I would need to get up stairs once I arrived; which would involve me lifting my whole body. I realised I may not be able to do this once there and therefore was concerned with what would that mean. I recognised I would need to be taken to hospital there but unable to sit would need streacher. I decided instead to call GP surgery in the morning and ask them to help me.
I called at 8am, the receptionist said he would get a GP to call me,they would be calling around 11.30 am.
The time came and went, I waited until about 2.30pm and then asked my friend at sea to call them and ask what was happening, as I had run out of phone credit.
She did so and was told I was on the list for the Dr to call.
around 5pm still no call and I also was aware I was not passing urine, which I had been told by my other friend; an Occupational therapist this was not good as toxins would build in body. I told her how in the past yes my body had swollen up and felt like a tight band around my waist, (which you can see I have draw also in the art at the side of this blog.)

When the tightness got so bad and i felt like I would explode and well in a sense I did as I stood I projected sick everywhere.
So she said no I needed to go to hospital.

My friend called GPs again and they said the Dr will call, but will then say get an ambulance.
So I called an ambulance, and because I said No I don't have pain, only cant walk, stand or sit, so can't get to hospital, I was told No I couldnt have an ambulance as based on what i say cant send emergency ambulance so call doctor again, but she recognised i had, or call 111.

I could call 111 and they could assess me and may get me an ambulance.
So I waited for the GP to call instead as I knew if he refered me I would be seen quicker at hospital. He called 7.39 pm.

I told him of my predicament, he said call Social services, although they were now closed until Monday, as I needed food.
I asked him about him refering he said no I needed to call them. I said about how my friend says I need an environmental assessment for my manouring in my home, he said that is an Occupational therapists job, he could refer me to one but not to Social services. He said he would make a referal for me to Occupational therapy.

I asked what could he do re my back, he said only give pain killer and support. I said no I wasn't in pain but not passing urine. He told me to call an ambulance. I told him that i had tried and was refused and told to call 111, and i asked could he call one, he said NO.

I decided not to go to hospital as it was evening and would be stressful and I would need to get assessed on phone, then if they argeed to give me an ambulance, I may wait forever at hospital, being low priority, and would do better to try and relax my body and pass urine by massaging my bladder.
The next day Saturday I was somewhat stronger, in that I could manouver around my home on the zima frame without the feeling coming from my muscles like one wrong move and they would tear.
I proceeded to improve and had a friend come and get freash veg for me which I made a soup with, plus I managed to drive to Chinese herb shop on Monday to buy Gou Qui Berries to strenghten me.
Today I am not in need of any walking aid.

Next week I return to the Physiotherapist I see for my knees, which yes I am able again to do the exercises she gave me.

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