Friday, 17 October 2014

Fri 17 Oct
the next morning after posting this I received a call from one of the GP's at the surgery; the one who had called me when I was unable to walk).
He said that he had received the letter sent by the guy from the MCAT team, asking they refered me to Neuro, and so he asked was there any hospital I would prefer. i said no that I may as well stay with the one I have been using as they know me and have my files.
I also found a voicemail on my phone on Friday, from social services, whom I called. This GP had called them and asked they sent an Occupational Therapist to assess my home environment. They told me it may take a few weeks.
The GP asked had they called, and I told him yes and thanked him.

Soon after the post come and in an unsealed envelope the letter asking for my referral to be made.

So I await the appointment.

Yesterday Thursday 16 Oct I called the surgery to have a GP write out another sick cert for me to receive benefits. They said I had to talk to the GP who is dealing with my case. I awaited her call. I explained how I had collapsed about 2 weeks ago and now was walking but not strong in my back.
I collected my sick cert and once again she had written I had Artheritis of my knees. (which I don't have but I will not argue just send to the benifit people as required.

Regarding the Bioelectromagnitics, I have deduced from my understanding of that I need to make sure my body is helped to vibrate at the correct frequency and so each day walk on the earth, and this has reduced and stopped the vibrating, so i believe I have found the solution.

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