Friday, 10 October 2014

Discharged from Physio awaiting referal to Neuro/studying Bioelectromagnetics

Friday 10 October

I have improved in strength since last week, and back doing the knee exercises given to me.

I have another avenue I have been looking into, that of vibrating, for I feel vibrations in my body most days and have decided to deduce what is causing them. I know tiredness seems to be a variable that increases the strength of the vibrations felt in my body.

I made a thread regarding it on Facebook

Here I write
Thinking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my body vibrates, has done for a few years now. Told drs ,,,they dont know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,got 4 roads to look down
1, Physio-psychological (general) a made up term by me,,,like general sense, of word, mass programming.
2, ELF..electronic frequency
3, Demonic ; which work on frequency waves.
4, Repressed body memory
5, Programed body instructions

I first searched re Physical medical realm on net and found many sites with threads where people describe similar sensations, where they have had tests for everything it seems and still obtained no answers. Although I did notice a common theme of spinal problems, and the sensations related to the spinal area involved. Some of which were L5/S1 which is where i had surgery, and also the area where I felt my muscle switch off and resulting in my collapsing on the 25th.

I then looked at ELF, and noted yes I live right next to a tower and yes when I returned recently from the coast I was feeling OK, but as soon as I returned home I became tired and vibrated strongly, so I went back to the coast this Monday gone to see if the vibrations stopped. They didn't although they were not so strong.
But I also note I am less stressed at the coast, but have more comforts there like a bath and a good bed, and the sea.

I returned back to London to attend my physio appointment for my knees Wednesday.
She said she had spoken to her college who assessed me for the MCAT team and he had told her he has written to my GP to refer me to Neuro for a diagnosis.
I informed her of how I had collapsed since last seeing her but was back doing her exercises now.She said I no longer needed appointments with her as I just needed to continue doing the knee exercises she had given me.
She also gave me a sheet with exercises for my back on.
I told her how I spend a lot of time lying down as my back is too weak to sit up for long, she told me to try to avoid laying down as that makes the work I do to strengthen my knees become ineffective.

So since Wednesday I have been pushing myself to sit and move about rather than lay down. What I found is that this tired me somewhat and results in stronger body vibrations occuring, so confirms somewhat that tiredness is involved.

But also I have a friend who is very knowledgeable who suggested the vibration may be coming from me and that a way to know would be to try and increase/decrease.

This I tried to do and found yes if I focused on, like tensed up, like holding my breath sort of, I could stop the vibrations temporarily.
I therefore went on to learn more about frequencies and Bioelectromagnetics

Bioelectric and Bioelectromagnetic Fundamental Principles of Living Cells

Fundamental Principles of Bioelectric and Bioelectromagnetic Disorders of Living Cells

So now I am looking into how I can better stablize my body frequencies.

I have found dancing improves my strength in muscles, and am now looking at the effects of activity and also music.
I will update on my findings next week.

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