Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Dr called, (a different  one than normally calls, the one who said the swelling in my knees was fat)

She started by saying..she is not happy to sign me off.......
.....I said Ok, ( a bit perplexed)

she then added, she has been reading through my notes and there is nothing to suggest I am unfit for work.
I responded with the facts...saying

'The other Dr keeps writing about my knees on my Med Cert, but I don't say anything about my knees. The swelling has gone down and they are not strong. but I can work with bad knees it's my back; I can't sit up for long, I write, I am an author but because my back is weak I can't.

'I colapsed a few weeks back and waited over a day for a Dr to call, who then said go to A&E.
don't know if it says it in my file.

She said there's no diagnosis.

I told her 'I found the symptoms fit with CP- maynot be, maybe something else, I'm not a doctor. My symptoms fit with cerebral palsy, and I want to know what is case and why. I am awaiting my appointment with Neuro'

She asked when was the appointment for

I told her the 18 Dec, I added that in my file there should be a report done by the physiotherapist from the MCAT team, he asked for the appointment to be made to Nuero and said it was not my bones. So he asked you to refer me to Neuro.
(She sounded like she found it.)

She said 'ok, but laying down all day is not good for your back, and did they give you back exercises.

I said yes and do them when I can. But first I had physio for where my knees were swollen, and now they have gone down, but still they are not strong. And my back is weak in lumba area and sore in lower area. And that also my calf muscles at the back hurt after walking and my ankles hurt too.

So I don't sit for long and I need to in order to write.
(forgot to add I have double vision when reading/writing)

She said ok she would sign for one month, until my neuro appointment.

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