Tuesday, 23 September 2014

today 23 September
Last week I wrote on the 16, re needing being referred to Nuro.
I was very weak in muscles that support my spine and also they were very stiff,,,so I went to Coast to stay at friends where I have a proper bed and a very comfortable chair to sit in as opposed to a deck chair and sofa bed in London,also I had use of a bath there whereas in London i have a shower.
I realized I wasn't able to continue working ( Author) as it takes me a couple of hours even to get ready in the morning and also the stress is not helping me to focus on writing books or proposals,
I called my GP on Thursday 18 September, explaining this to her> She said No problem ,she would write a sick cert for 4 weeks and then review.
Yesterday I returned to London feeling much better able to stand and walk,,,I went to the GP Surgery and collected my Cert, but on it she has written,,,,Knee osteoarthritis NOS.

This is not the case, she even pointed out to me the previous Monday that my XRAYS shows no arthritus, only slight. Plus I hadn't mentioned my knees in the telephone conversation, but that my back was too weak and stiff to hold me up long and I was stressed.

I also said to her whilst on the phone that when I had attended the MCAT appointment she had arranged for earlier that week the physiotherapist had said I needed to be diagnosed in NEURO first, and would be writing to her for. She said she would wait until the letter came.

I have been keeping an account on this matter and related issues for a long time on facebook.  I in  recent months created a 'NOTE' on Facebook to post the links in , here is the  URL

cerebral palsy


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