Tuesday, 16 September 2014

following on from where I wrote up to last week the next day 11 September I went for blood test, still have bruise today.
 Then on Friday, 12 September, i returned to ask what had been the decision regarding referring me to the Endocrinologist as request by the Ophthamologist, A different receptionist was there, so I explained briefly what had happened throughout the week re my referral, and asked what had been the decision made.

She said it said in my file on screen that the Dr who called me Wednesday was going to speak with the Dr who had previously refused.
I said yes but what was the decision. she replied it didn't say.
I said but i need to know, as eye specialist wants me to see one.
She said, she is sending a message to the Dr to ask her as she is in surgery at the moment. She will respond when she gets time.
I asked when would I know then. She said she would call me or I could come in Monday and should know by then.

Later that day i found a voicemail message from the GP,,,
saying 'We have discussed your letter in our meeting with all the other Doctors - and the discission was if the thyroid function test comes back as normal there isn't any point in refering you to the endocrinologist because there's not much they can offer.
If you still want to discuss this your welcome to give a call back and I will be happy to speak to you'.


Today I attended my first appointment with Musculoskeletal (MCAT ) team member whom was a physiotherapist, he assessed me but asked why had I been referred to their dept,as he said first I need a diagnosis and that is for the Neuro department, so will be writing to my GP asking them to make a referral.

I previously had another GP conclude that was what I needed back in 2010, after I had gone complaining of muscle weakness in my back and also in my ankles but didn't get anywhere so brought along my friend to support me and that time the GP (a different one to now) said he would refer me to Neuro as my back becoming so weak without pain didn't make sense. He told me it would take about 6 weeks for the appointment to come. It didn't come so I went to the surgery and asked the receptionist what was happening and she said there was no record of the GP referring me. It was soon after this that my whole life went pear shape and I lost everything I had in the world from home, to ID and thus no longer lived anywhere, so was no longer living in that area of London but living in various places on the coast and in the mountains in Wales,

So now having gone full circle I await to see what will transpire

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