Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Hand doing great and eye's also

 Following on from the 10 May 2016,,,,

23 May 2016
I attended fracture clinic . The caste was removed and xrayed.
the consultant then said the bone was fine and that I needed to exercise my fingers, (they were very stiff and weak) and wave like the Queen for her birthday and also do the exercise where you hold your hands together as if to pray and flaten your elbows out. He said Pysio would contact me for an appointment.

My hand was swollen throughout the 2 weeks in the second caste,and renderd un-usuable due to stiffness and pain.

After the caste was removed much of my skin was coming off so I soaked it in the Cold hot cold rotine to help with the swelling.

The bruising of my wrist increased and the fingers tingled with like raw nerve endings.It was painful and weak.

Video I put on fb of my hand

I exercised it also as much as I could . The skin was sore to touch but I gently applyed cocoa butter.

Wednesday 25 May
I didn't recieve any appointment so called the psysio deptartment, they said they hadn't recieved the referal yet and to try again the next day, although they may not recieve until friday. So to call then, as the letter they would send would ask me to call to arrange an appointment.

I knowing I had to go and collect my car from Ireland, meaning I needed to drive back from Scotland decided I would do better to go there prio my next hospital appointment for my eyes on the 6 June, yesterday. So I flew to Belfast and exercised my hand the whole time there, with the execises instructed by the consultant, but also the ones I used last year that I learnt in the posted video from that time, I think around July 2015.

I also purchased a squeezy putty thing and did it each day until it hurt too much. Mostly the pain was nerves and tendon stiffness, the swelling remained for about a week before it started to reduce.

I called the Physio dept Friday 27 May and they said they hadn't recieved the referal yet. I had spoken with the same staff member previously and explained to her my predicament. She went away and spoke with others and said I could have an appointment for the following Friday , the 3 June.

I drove back last Thursday 2 and went to the physio appointment. She said I had done well.
She saw my fingers were weak and said to exercise them to build new neuro pathways. Also continue doing the praying exerecise plus bending my wrist over ledge at right angles and back.

She also gave me a stretchy peice of plastic material that I am to grip and twist and then pull.

she was going to give me another stretching thing but then said no , she had met people like me before, (meaning she saw how I do everything with gusto) so I am to do and return in 3 weeks for reassessment.

Monday 6 June

I attended my apointment with the Consultant for my eyes.

I waited like everyone else an hour, but I had a time limit on my parking so ask at the desk how much longer. They checked the pile of files waiting outside the consultants office and showed my I was next , on top of the pile. Impatiently I waited at the hallway and saw the Romanian consultant who saw me last time pick up the file take to her room, then return with it and take the next. The nurse then went along and seemingly spoke to her about it, but the Consultant took the other file to her room. Out came the Male consultant I had been seeing prior to her and he took my file and called my name.

Prior to going in to see him a nurse did a eye test for each eye, and  noticed how I could read so much better than normal with my right eye.

He looked at my notes whilst I told him how I felt the muscle in my left eye had become stronger since wearing the prism glass lense cover and using the string with beads.

He put yellow drops in my eyes and said they were fine and to keep going to the other eye specialist and come back in 6 months.

I said how I felt my right eye had done better than normal in my eye test and he checked the results and said yes its now 6/6 ...(or something like that),,,,,,,and had improved.

Today 7 June I attended the other eye consultants appointment to check of my muscle that the weakness in causes double vision.He did several tests and he said I had improved and to come back in 3 months.
He said they didn't think it was thyroid eye desease any more as seemed only the muscle weakness without pain. He said I was unusual as normally this occurs in teens and then improves but maybe the thyroid eye desease I had prior caused some weakness, he added this was only an idea as he hadn't seen before.

I recieved my MRI scans for my brain and spine but am yet to turn into photos so I will do them soon but post this update for now. I add there is no diagnosis or written report with the scan so I will chase up that aspect too.

Today my hand is doing very well, a little weak and stiff in parts but improving daily.

Be back with scans as soon as I can but my Housing benifit claim has been suspended due to my change in circumstances and they require info and my annual accounts so that first. Bye for now

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