Tuesday 2 August 2016

Update on arm, with MRI results interpreted

16 June 2016
went GP to ask where is letter that I requested was sent to my Neurologist re diagnosis.  She said the Neurologist reports should be ok,  plus I had surgery on my spine previously. Also she said the report from the Neurologist for my recent MRI scan should be available and that I could get from their PA to the Neurologist.

17 June 2016
I called the PA and she informed me that she had sent it to my GP surgery on the 19 May 2016, but they say they never recieved it so she faxed it to them.

23 June 2016 Went to my GP to get feedback on report, plus I showed her the OT report (see below) stating Housing will not accept me onto their list without a diagnosis.

Housing had previously written  'we would advise that you look to secure alternative accomadation in the private sector.


The MRI head scan report is written by a man but I don't know his position, but I assume he is the one who interpreted the results.
I don't have a copy of to upload at moment, but I will type here what was written, not that it means much yet to me.

MRI head
Comparison is made with the cranial MRI of 27/1/15

There is scattered patches of T2 high signal within the white matter of both cerebral hemispheres. These are predominantly frontal and subcortical. There are a few the right frontal deep white matter signal changes. There is however no periventricular signal changes. The posterior fossa appearances are normal. There has been no interval change relative to the previous study.

The cervical and Thoracic vertebrae are normal appearance. There is dehydration and narrowing of the C3 -4 to C6-7 discs. Their are shallow radial discal bars at C4-5 and C6-7. The canal dimensions at theses and other levels throughout the cervical and thoracic spine are adequate. Uncoverebral   osteophytes are resulting in moderate stenosis of the left C5, right C6 and C7 neural foramina bilaterally. The cervical cord is of normal appearance.
Conclusion :
Patchy T2 high signal within the white matter of both cerebral hemispheres is predominantly subcortical and likely to be on a vascular basis. There has been no interval change relative to the study of 27/1/2015. There are no cord lesions are identified,
The GP  took my blood pressure,as said it had not been taken for 5 years. was 128/85 she said 'that's fantastic'

Chart taken from

24 June 2016

I attended physiotherapy for my hand and all was fine so I was discharged,

Later that day i was informed my Dad had passed away.
He was 92, R.I.P. Dad.

1 August 2016
Yesterday I send I letter to my MP regarding my Housing difficulties due to not having a diagnosis, even though my OT assessment showed I needed more suitable accomadation.

I await his response.

I am still to copy shots of my MRI scan,,but will include soon.

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