Thursday, 12 May 2016

Update on my broken arm,,,,,

I attended my MRI scan for Head and Spine cervical on Friday 29 April.
I believe they scanned my head and whole spine(cord).

Monday 2 May I was given my website back, and made a video on Targeted Individuals TI's, which was well received but now the number count appears to be interfered with.

Tuesday 3 May I awoke to 2 bruises on my arm, looking like finger marks.
I have bruises that come in the night on my Instagram account. They note when they appear.

ESA stated they hadn't received my sick cert and housing benefits wrote to say they have suspended my claim until
ESA is sorted.

Monday 9 May

Went to fracture clinic, new consultant, she had my arm xrayed and showed me how the fracture has displaced my bone alignment, she said it had moved a bit since I last came.
She had it plastered and xrayed again, but due to the difficulty in postioning my arm it was hard to discern if there had been further movement.

She said come back in 2 weeks to have caste off and xrayed, and may start physiotherapy then.

The caste is now fibre glass so lighter, and smaller too.
Since this change my wrist has continued to hurt.

I also called my GP surgery to request a duplicate sick cert as one has to allow 9 working days from sending it, as the process takes that long, they told me.
Then I was to take to job centre for scanning to ESA.

Tuesday 10 May

It was raining but I took buses to collect duplicate sick cert and took to job centre, who had me sign it and added they may not accept if they can't recognise my signature ...

Today hand swollen, so trying to rest.

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