Monday, 25 April 2016

Broke and displaced Radius borderline for op

Wednesday 13, April 16 I slipped on some mud, whilst holding a hiking pole in right hand. Broke arm, radius, displaced bone at wrist. Was told may need surgery.
Had morphine, so dr could try to pull my bone back in place, whilst a nurse plastered my arm.
After xray it showed it was back in line.
I was told i would need it seen after a week at the fracture clinic. I was in Ireland and needed sick cert. I asked a nurse regarding getting one from the Dr, she said no I was to get one from my GP. When I called my GP's practice I was told I needed evidence, as dr couldn't write without seeing.
Meanwhile sickness benefit, that one has to apply for sets deadlines, so I waited for fracture clinic appointment, chased it, only to be told on the following Wednesday my appointment wasn't until Monday the next week.
I therefore went back to the hospital and requested my notes be sent to a London, hospital after liasing with them asking I be transsfered, so I could return home to obtain sick cert.

I returned home via boat and coach as caste would need splitting to fly.

On return I had received an appointment for the fracture clinic in London, for today, Monday 25 April.
along with appointment for MR|I scans, this week.

Today I attended GP to obtain sick note, then attended fracture clinic, the consultant had my arm xrayed and said it was boarderline, for surgery, and to come back again in a week, but as it is a bank holiday come back in 2 weeks.

On my return I had received notification of the MRIscan appointment again, as a reminder.

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