Friday, 8 April 2016

Eye appointment account + Neurologist letter states she couldn't find my MRI results

Thursday 24 March -GP appointment
went to my GP, to ask that they request a letter from the Neurologist for my housing application, as without a diagnosis they refused to even have me on the waiting list. I was seen by a locum doctor who listened well.
I told her how the Neurologist had said to tell them to write to her and she would respond, but that I didn't feel they would write and therefore could a letter be sent from my GP to ask for some form of letter re my needs due to my disabilities. She wrote notes and said they would write once they received the report from the Neurologist ,but nothing had arrived yet, I was seen on the 14 March.

Tuesday 5 April - Eye specialist appointment
I had my appointment with the eye specialist, whom tested my eye movement. She was very thorough. She said she didn't think it was thyroid caused nor Neurological, but a physical defect I have that has got progressively worse so now I notice it.
She said the eye goes out to the side as it is weak, and so gave me eye exercises to do, which involves a string with beads on at different lengths to practice moving my eyes along the string, converging my eyes.

She also stuck a prism film over my reading glasses left lense that helps loads, but don't look too nice; but I don't have the double vision at distance , only close up to read etc.

No letter or appointment for MRI came so
Wednesday 6 April 2016
I had not received my appointment for my MRI scan so I went to the hospital radiology dept and asked in person. They said they hadn't received a request for yet.
I therefore then went to the Neurology dept and the woman on the desk phoned the consultants secretary, whom said she hadn't done my letter yet, they take 4-6 weeks, but was on to it.

Thursday 7 April
The next day I received letter written by the Neurologist. (dated 1 April, in an envelope frank stamped 5 April. )

The Neurologist states in it that she notes that in the past I have had MRI brain and lumber spine, and that she could not find the results.

I went to my GP for a repeat prescription, and whilst there asked had they received the letter also from the consultant Neurologist. They said no. I told them it had the wrong GP /address on it , so would it be sent on if they received it. She said No, as they would no longer have my files.
So I photo copied it for my current GP, gave it to the receptionist.

Much interference whilst I try to do this post, so I will add later the Neurologists letter.....

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