Thursday, 22 January 2015

Since I last wrote I attended the fracture clinic and was told to leave my finger strapped for another week then remove. I was told the swelling would take time to reduce, and that the x-ray showing White around the edge of my bones was not good,,,,and if I was to have another break soon they would need to check my bone density.

Occupational Therapist
The OT came, she saw how small a space I live in and how damp it also is,  due to water keep filling up in the cellar, causing damp walls and damp inside my cupboards, which is rotting my cloths. She recognised not much could be done to improve my home environment as it was already too cramped.
She therefore is referring me to her college who deals with housing, to come and assess me.

She recognised I didn't have appropriate seating and so arranged for me to receive a suitable chair, which will be delivered next week.

The house is too cold and damp for me to stay for long in as the convector heater on full all night still isn't enough to take the dampness from the air. Plus there is mold on the walls that is not good to inhale, so I spend time away as much as possible.

Regarding my rent, due to the delay in payment from my Housing Benefits,  I mentioned in my last post I received a letter from the Landlord demanding a £30 payment for the delay, and threats regarding if it was to happen again, that he would not accept my current arrangement I have with him. I wrote an email to Housing Benefits regarding this, asking for help with the payment, plus brought into their offices the letter for them to copy, I await their response.

Regarding my receipt of ESA benefits I am unsure as to where I stand, I received a text asking for a sick cert from December, in addition to the 2 letters I recieved. I havent been to my Drs to ask for as I was told last time she wasnt happy to give me without a diagnosis.
Although I did put in a written request on 5 January to have access to my paper files, was told it could take a few days for them to call to arrange, but as of yet still havent received the call.

Next week I have my MRI, brain and lumber scan. They may or maynot show the cause of my problems, but at least should go towards helping a diagnosis to be made regarding my current health issues.

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