Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Here are my MRI Brain and Lumber scans

Last week I had a MRI scan of my Brain and Lumber portion of my spine
I managed today to gain copies of the scan and have selected some photos to show you.

This one on the left clearly shows my eyes are not in line.

I looked through the Brain scan but could not see anything noticeable, nor did the guy who did the scan.
Neither of us are specialists so I await the Neurologists observations of.

As you can see my spine is a mess. I have had surgery on L5/S1 discectomy 1998.

So I await my appointment for diagnosis in August this year, unless it can be brought forwards somehow.

Meanwhile also I recieved a date for an assessment for PIP,,,the new disability benifit.

My new chair the Occupational Therapists arrange for me is helping me loads to stay seated longer each day.

I am still awaiting the OT to assess my housing needs.

I also have not recieved any communication from my GP surgery regarding my written request I made weeks back to have access to my writen files.


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  2. Thanks for sharing your story. The frustration of waiting on doctors appointments can be tiring. I have to schedule at least 8 months in advance with my neurologist. It just worries me because if there is an emergency, I would not be able to get in to see him. But I guess if it were an emergency, maybe he would.

    Kacey @ Glendale MRI