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Ok here is my long overdue update.....

Since Friday 28 November 2014

I want to point out at this stage that there are many aspects to my case; threads of stresses in my life that I believe go hand in hand with my health problems. I therefore would like also today to introduce some of those aspects to...

namely that I am also a Targeted Individual, which was brought to my awareness firstly in 1996, whilst I pioneered and developed services for  Women Crack cocaine users here in Britain.

Here is my blogs regarding the matters:-

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Monday 11 November 2014 I published this blog

women and Crack: Responding to need
With these aspects in line I will continue to blog my daily life,

the following day Saturday 29 November 2014 I tripped accidentally on my computer wire and it fell and smashed. My tablet no longer was able to connect to charger so rendered useless, and my phone will not permit me to use internet for social sites. I believe there is a vested interest somewhere in me being online, so said ok I will focus my time on others things and see what pans out,,,,,within days whilst visiting a friend I told her how of this and she had been given a computer the same day mine smashed so she loaned it to me.

The following week

Monday 8 December, I attended my appointment with the eye specialist; he stated that in my files it said I didn’t have double vision. I assured him I did and that the Woman who tested my eyes remarked how my GP’s needed to do the blood test and refer me to an Endocrinologist but they refused, instead they only tested my blood which came back ok.

He tested my eye movement and noted the defect in the left eye.  He placed drops in and looked closer with a machine, he said they were fine at the back and noted my lids were not. I told him about the possibility of me having CP and that causing the muscle tension in my eye; he said no it looked like Thyroid eye disease. He asked my history regarding Thyroid eye disease, I informed him how I ‘cured’ it previously and explained how, although he seemed to shut off at this point; closing his eyelids. Maybe he was very busy and didn’t have the time. He asked I arranged to come back in 6 months to be checked again.
Thursday 11 December, I discovered after checking my bank account that my benefits had been stopped.  Including my Housing Benefit that was due, at that time, after phoning around to find out why, I come to be told that all my benefits had been suspended because  I hadn’t returned a for from ATOS that I had never received. 

I therefore attempted to email Housing Benefit all my details they required including my bank statement for previous 2 weeks.  There was much difficulty sending the email but eventually it registered as sent.

Here is the email I sent

To whom it may concern,

I write to you regarding the suspension of my Housing Benefit claim.

I now am of the understanding that this is due to ESA informing you they have closed my claim, via your letter I called your office regarding the matter, as I had NOT been notified by ESA of this happening but had received my payments as normal upon the receipt of my sick cert's, so was led to assume all was in order. I spoke with someone regarding the matter, whom shared my understanding of what had happened. My assumption was there may have been a delay in ESA receiving my sick cert and so they pre-empted and sent you notification of their closure to my claim.
The man I spoke with said he would check on the system regarding this and so lift the suspension and that if it was other he would write to me.
I haven't received anything as of yet, but found yesterday my ESA payment was not in my account as expected, so I called ESA.

They informed me that I hadn't returned the questionnaire sent to me by ATOS. I shared no I hadn't received one.
They therefore had closed my claim, but are resending me the questionnaire; which I am to return and then they will decide whether or not to pay my benefit.

I then called your office and spoke with a man who I explained all this to. He explained that I needed to show you my income currently, as I am now only receiving my working tax credit.
I attached the bank statement, circling the payments from working tax credit and also any book sales. These are currently my only incomes.

I hope I have clarified things sufficiently, as I am due a rent payment next week and hope all can be resolved by then.

Please inform me if anything else is required for you to process my claim.

Yours Sincerely

Louise Clarke

I was low on electricity, (on a  metre about 38p), and therefore intent on going to stay at my friends to keep warm, but needed to remain in London to receive the form for my medical assessment, to kick start my Benefits.  It arrived the next day, but to my surprise I had somehow gained £10 on my electricity metre, so I could stay but only had no other money but petrol; so I drove to my friends. Friday 12 December.

The following Monday (15 December) I called the Housing Benefit service re payment for my rent and was told the email had arrived but the document I had attached had become contaminated and wouldn’t open. My rent now due I returned London the next day and went with all documents by hand. As I walked to the office I accidently knocked my knuckle on a chair at the bus stop (special awareness is not always good for me), it hurt like a break, throbbing but I continued on with my plans,  but it swoll up and showed internal bleeding, so I ,knowing how to strap a little finger when broken, due to the numerous times I had done in the past, I strapped it myself to save time and money I didn’t have for bus fares, as driving was painful with it and awkward.

Wednesday 17 November 2014, I could see the break may well be on joint and therefore need a splint, so I knew from past similar breaks strapping doesn’t not heal, a split is required, therefore I went to A&E, and yes I was broken on joint. The nurse said it was an Ulna something????????


Thursday 18 December
I attended my appointment with the Neurologist, he assessed my physical abilities and I filled him in on my life of difficulties that were in line with Cerebral palsy symptoms, he noted how my balance was not good. I explained to him how my knees are so weak and was very swollen, but since receiving physiotherapy exercises to do, the swelling reduced soon after, and also initially I could not stand on my right leg, due to no balance, but have improved through doing. He was pleased with my attitude towards trying to help myself and do the activities that would.

He said it would be hard to diagnose CP now as it should be done in child hood. He decided to request MRI scans of both my brain and my lumber area of spine, to rule out any problems there.

Friday 19 December
The next morning I received my next appointment to see the Neurologist again; it will be August 2015

but only had about 47p left to live on but petrol in my tank; so I drove to my friends yet again, to stay for Christmas period.
22 December 2014
I called the Housing Benefit re my claim, and was told it was in the in-trap to be done. I asked would it be done before Christmas and was told very likely as they were working until 5 pm Christmas Eve.

I checked my account each day but it wasn’t there.

Christmas Day at Beach

I returned back to London to attend my appointment at the fracture clinic. Monday 29 December 2014.
I was seen by the consultant and the Zimmer frame was replaced with a normal finger strapping. I am to return in 2 weeks, to see him again.

It is currently still swollen and hurts if it bends or gets knocked.

I also had received my appointment for my Brain and spinal scan, which is at the end of this month.


I have received 2 reminders that ESA need sick certs from my GP, in order to continue with my claim.
 Due the harassment I have received trying to claim this benefit I chose after the last Dr said she was not happy to give me one and decided based on me informing her I had an appointment with the Neurologist due, she agreed to write one up until that day. I decided I would go without, especially when seeing how my claims were being sent into turmoil.

My landlord had left a message on my answer machine on 23 December saying I needed to pay my rent soon or he would charge me £30 for the delay.
I called the Housing benefits again, numerous times and sent my landlord emails updating him on what was the situation, but I was told last week by other tenants he was not back at work until yesterday 5 January, and was also told by Housing since, they had sorted out my claim but the money would not be going into my account until the 5th, and that this was to do with the banking system for Christmas.

Yesterday the money still was not in the account; nor today. I called and asked what was the problem and was told it was due to the large amount being paid, it needed clearance elsewhere also. So I wait patiently.

I also tried 3 times to phone the Tax office to inform them I’m returning to work. I had to therefore waste money each time calling and answering a machine all my details only to be told each time after there was no one available to take my call, on the third attempt I got as far as waiting in a queue listening to music for about 23 mins, then my call was taken.

Today 6 January 2015 after checking my bank account again I returned to find the post had arrived, and I have received a letter from ESA dated 29 December 2014, that I will receive ESA from 27 November 2014, may need a work focus interview and may need sick certs although that paragraph is so ambiguous I aint sure what they are saying but payments are being made.

Meanwhile yesterday I asked for a bank statement printout as I had more money in my account than I should, and it shows I have received a payment from JSA, which is Job seekers allowance, which no I haven’t claimed for but hopefully all will sort out soon.

And on Saturday 3 January 2015 I discovered that medical records I had of mine in my house have been removed, thus confirming further that the truth is not as it seems.

I’m due back at the fracture clinic next week and so hope to update on all then.

OT assistant Last week an OT assistant called leaving her details; I returned the call and stated I received her message.  Yesterday she called and left message saying she will come next week, I confirmed on her voicemail that I would be here.

Thank you for reading.
 'And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.'
John 8:32

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